Hear About The Team


Hi Dianna,

We want to comment to you and your team regarding our recent project at the NHD yard.

First, the prep word done by Jesus was to a higher level than we had ever anticipated, given the lapstrake design and unusual keel, which presented out of ordinary challenges.

The crew was so supportive, offering safety hints (use of an industrial strength” ladder) and technique tips, including prep of paint and the application. A worker took pity that I was applying paint with a small roller and brush in a meticulous fashion, and I was promptly given a short lesson in Paint Application 101, which ultimately provided an easier and more professional result.

Supportive teamwork is clearly evident in your positive work environment. The end results  show pride of workmanship from bow thruster installment and other technical work, to maintenance routines of waxing and detailing. Kudos to you and your team.

We appreciate your communication and attention to timeliness of the project. Also, the fees
charged were quite fair, especially when working without a firm estimate, due to the nature of the project. We are happy clients!

Thank you
Frank and Carolyn Meier of Hobaly


Dear Howard and Dianna,

I have enclosed our check for the final balance owing on the Tyee project. I am
embarrassed to admit that, until the middle of last week, I had not looked at the binders
left on the boat by JJ (7) when he re-wired the cockpit freezer to run off the inverter
circuit. I didn’t realize until then that the final reconcil iation was included.

In the 20 years that we’ve owned a boat, we’ve dea lt with about a dozen boat yards. In
most cases, the experience was a struggle, marked by unfulfilled expectations , a lack of
pride in workmanship, a seemingly dysfunctional operation, and rarely an on-time
completion . That all changed when North Harbor entered the picture. From the project
presentation binder, through all the planning and execution of the work, to the final
delivery of the boat , we have watched a very professional organization meet and
surpass our expectations. The binder I have just reviewed capped it all off. We know
exactly what work was performed, by whom , and how much time and material went into
each job. (Please note that the only other organization that came close to this
performance was Fidalgo in 1994, in the same location, with KC running that project!)

We have already recommended to several boat owners that they consider North Harbor
for routine maintenance or major project work. Some may feel that the two-hour round
trip between Bellingham and Anacortes is too burdensome. My counter is that they ‘ll
spend a lot more time bird-dogging the project in a local yard than no such time at North

Cherie and I have spent two weekends on the boat so far. Everything has worked
flawlessly and the boat looks great. We are very proud of the way she looks and hope
you are too . Thank you for a great experience!

Brent Walker

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